Am I Qualified to Call?

Am I Qualified To Call?

Call if:

  • You’re an Introvert Entrepreneur and you do business online
  • You know you’re NOT an extrovert or extroverted
  • You’re a Coach, Consultant or other type of Expert
  • You hate to sell and you know you’re not good at it
  • You’re feel anxious and afraid to sell
  • You offer your expertise/intellectual property (IP) or services to clients or customers for a fee
  • You want to avoid feeling humiliated, aggressive, pushy or sleazy while selling
  • You have a service or product of your own (you are not an affiliate marketer)
  • You want to avoid personal rejection while selling
  • You don’t know what to say in a sales conversation
  • You’ve tried attracting better quality prospects, getting leads and signing up dream clients on your own with little success

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these then you should call.

If you can’t handle an increase in client sign-ups or orders of your service or product, call when you’re ready..

What Can I Expect From a Discovery Call?

Regardless of whether or not you work with us or not, this initial call is critical because it’s going to be eye-opening, educational and transformational. To make this happen we’ll spend most of the call discussing your goals and your current situation.

You’ll get my first impression of your business and what could be keeping you back from the success you’re seeking and also most likely what’s keeping you from taking action.

We’ll talk about the nature of your target audience and how having three building blocks will impact your ability to get more leads and clients each month.

Together we’ll review how you currently do business through a proven filter that works for hundreds of Introvert Entrepreneurs online. We’ll identify what’ll be expected of you and your team if you have one. As a result, you’ll have clarity on next steps for your introvert led expert business.

If we determine that you’re not ready for us, you’ll get a good idea of what you need to do to prepare your expert business for the next level of performance.

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